Wednesday, 30 March 2022

The Rotting Zombie's Round-up of Horror News for March 2022

Probably a smaller news round-up this month as I have spent most the weekend sorting out my front room after getting new carpet. Exciting stuff indeed but it did take up a large portion of these past few days (at the time of writing). I also have to add I am still addicted to Elden Ring, it really is a masterpiece, at eighty hours in I am still constantly being surprised and delighted at just how much content is stuff into that open world.

Horror author, Eve Lestrange's new book Blood Moon Over the Chesapeake can now be ordered on Amazon. It takes place in Baltimore in the 1920's, with the press release describing it as 'a sinister tale of an infamous house, a ghostly possession and a dark spirit hungry for power.'

Thief is the new double single from Detroit based deathgaze duo Vazum, it was released last Friday. The single features both a dark rock and an electronic version of the single, with the lyrics inspired by the notion of energy vampires. The track is sung in unison by Emily Sturm and Zach Pliska.

Fatal Rejuvenation is a new satire horror film directed by Ron Millkie and written/produced by Philip Pitta. Created as a tribute to B-movies of the 1950's, this stars Catherine Pearl, Philip Pitta, Joe Mack Gallina, Stephanie Londono and Nicholas M. Garofolo (Sweet Revenge). The trailer certainly brings a vibe the film is going for.

Paradox Obscur have released the video for their track Animal Reactor (directed by Sheng-Yang Su) taken from their 5th studio album, Morphogenesis. The album is due to be released on May 6th from Metropolis Records. I quite enjoyed the song, dark electronic vibes.

Industrial band Dread Risks have revealed their new full length LP, Automated Disappointment, which is going to be made up of nine original tracks. The press release states 'The mass accumulation of endless self-examination and loss, delivered via punishing assault, reminds the listener that the dark can be a comforting respite'.

That may be it from me, it is Mothers Day here in the UK (at the time of writing) so I have a meeting with a gravestone to make the other side of town. Hopefully I won't get chased by an odd acting gentlemen, stumble, hit my head and later resurrect as one of the living dead and hunt down my sister.

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