Thursday, 17 March 2022

The Rotting Zombie's News Anthology - 17th March 2022

Yo-ho Ahoy again for another small news round-up. My office is currently full of boxes so it isn't that comfortable to write in here so I will likely just stick to the three news stories for today. As an aside, I continue to be addicted to the almighty Elden Ring, for someone who has never really got on with the 'Soulsbourne' genre of punishing video games, this one is a revelation.

Haunted: The Audio Drama is surprisingly enough an audio drama, that is set to premier on 20th March on Spotify, Audible and iTunes. The press release states that the pitch for this was 'Doctor Who meets The X-Files'. This is a serialised horror adventure story created by Jamie Evans, it is voiced by a full cast, and has been produced in a sound studio provided by FreeSprite Media. The drama is about a young podcaster who teams up with an alcoholic author to investigate the strange events occurring in the podcaster's hometown. The central peril is a mysterious radio signal that turns anyone who hears it insane. The press release states 'HAUNTED: The Audio Drama offers mystery, plot twists, suspense and even some laughs as our unlikely heroes race to discover the source of the mysterious signal'.

Some older news now, LA based theatrical metal band Raven Black have put out a cover of the opening song from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is Halloween is the song of course and the press release states the band 'infuses the DANNY ELFMAN composed anthem with crunchy guitars and explosive, exuberant vocals from the diminutive front-woman'.
Raven Black are due to release their 4th album and 3rd comic book issue in early 2022.

Finally, Freak is a horror from Bianca Crespo and stars scream queen Debbie Rochon alongside Amelia Duncombe and Shelby Hightower. The film is being released by Bayview Entertainment and is about a writer who retreats to a remote cabin in the woods after something bad happens to her in LA. The longer she stays at the cabin however, the more she starts to realise she may have made a terrible mistake.

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