Monday, 28 February 2022

The Rotting Zombie's Round-up of Horror News for February

I turned 40 this month and it was a baptism by fire thanks to a series of misfortunes that plagued me over that first week of being so. Putting that all behind me and moving into the future with my monthly news round-up.

Los Angeles based industrial metal band Dawn of Ashes have revealed the third single to be taken off their upcoming new EP, Scars of the Broken, the track sharing the same name. Continuing the themes of depression and mental illness, this track according to band member Kristof Bathory is "...dedicated to those who feel damaged or have dealt with sensitive issues that make it hard for them to move forward in life." The new EP is due for release on March 18th from Artoffact Records.

On March 15th Arrow Video US will release a limited edition 4K UHD version of An American Werewolf in London. This new release includes a brand new 4K restoration from the original camera negative, while extras include documentaries, audio commentaries, interviews, as well as a 60-page perfect-bound book.

New progressive rock band Temple of Shadows have released their second single, The Hanged Man. The band is fronted by Justin 'JD' deBlieck (Ex-Ice Nine Kills) and Joel DeMartino (Moonwalker) who provide dueling vocals over their music. As the title hints at, The Hanged Man is a song from their tarot-themed series of releases, following from first single, The Hermit. The songs are said to be full of hidden meanings.

In Utero releases on March 22nd from Bayview Entertainment. This comes from Royce Freeman and I'm not entirely sure what it is about. The press release synopsis states 'Hardened by a childhood accident, Zoe seeks to fill in the void in her blackened soul. Skylar, an expectant mother, is ready to protect her unborn child at all costs. Raven, caught in the middle, faces her greatest challenge to follow her heart no matter the consequences'.

Shatter is a horror film that came from Midnight Releasing. Taking place in a small town, a detective is forced to follow the cryptic clues of an escaped psychiatric patient in order to solve a bizarre murder. In the process of doing this however, the man discovers a revelation even more strange than the crime itself. This was produced in 2020, with Chris Schwartz as director and co-writer (alongside Donovan Schwartz). Shatter can be viewed online or video on demand in a variety of places including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Unsheltered is a horror film that is distributed by Buffalo 8. Directed by Marcus Small, this one is about five college students out in nature who are forced to seek shelter, apparently resulting in them never being seen alive again. Unsheltered can be viewed on iTunes.

Los Angeles based Sparke Films have gained the right to Primitive War: Opiate Undertow, which was the debut novel of Ethan Pettus and appears to be a historical sci-fi horror that combines the Vietnam war with dinosaurs. The film will be written and directed by Luke Sparke.

The subscription streaming service Arrow has announced its March releases. Heading it up is the premiere of The Beta Test. This takes place in the world of Hollywood agents, the protagonist is not having the happiest life, so after receiving an anonymous invitation in the post he finds himself going into a place of anonymous infidelity.
Also coming in March is the Fritz Lang Collection that includes Metropolis, Dr Mabuse the Gambler, and The Testament of Dr Mabuse. The Jess Franco Collection includes Oasis of the Living Dead, The Awful Dr Orlof, and Nightmares Come at Night. Those last ones I own on DVD, looking through the list there were a bunch of other horrors I also own, definitely from a certain time. They include among them A Virgin Among the Living Dead, Demoniac, and Female Vampire.

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