Tuesday, 31 August 2021

The Rotting Zombie's Round-up of Horror News for August 2021

Another month has sped past, not in bad spirits as I'm on the cusp of a two week break from my day job at the lab. Despite putting out weekly news posts I still have 142 sat in my inbox, it's a losing battle I'm facing. On the plus side I now have a domain pointer for my blog. I may have lost therottingzombie but my pointer is now rottingzombie and of course the blogspot address still works fine. Towards the news.

I just have to start with the trailer for Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins new film, The Show. I'm so excited for this as it is set in Northampton, the town that I have lived in all my life. Alan Moore (legendary comic book writer whose work includes The Killing Joke, Watchmen and V for Vendetta) lives in my home town and it didn't used to be that rare to see him going about his daily business. He once did a signing at the local comic book store that I went to, he came across as a nice guy. Anyway, The Show is a surreal mystery directed by Jenkins that the press release states is 'an extraordinary mix of the dreamworld visions of Terry Gilliam with The League of Gentlemen'. The film takes place in an alternative universe in which a mysterious man arrives in the strange town of Northampton where he finds himself in a 'twilight world populated with vampires, sleeping beauties, Voodoo gangsters, noir private eyes, and masked avengers'. The Show premiered at Frightfest on 27th August, it is due to be released on Altitude.Film on 18th October.

On the 19th October is the release of Perfect Horror from Bayview Entertainment. The plot for this film has a film director bringing his crew to an abandoned and supposedly haunted factory in northern China, in order to shoot a horror film. They decide to stay the night to film, but this is when the trouble begins. The film is in Mandarin with English subtitles.

Glenn Danzig's second feature film, vampire Spaghetti Western Death Rider in the House of Vampires came to select theatres across America on 27th August. In the movie, a mysterious man in black travels on horseback across the desert. It gets weird when his destination turns out to be 'Vampire Sanctuary', a place that like Ronseal does what it says on the tin. The film stars Danny Trejo (Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn), Julian Sands (The Killing Fields, Warlock), Devon Sawa (Final Destination, Idle Hands), Kim Director (The Deuce, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2) and Eli Roth (Inglorius Basterds, Cabin Fever), with director/writer Danzig in a supporting role. For more details check out the website.

A trailer has came out for Gregory Hatanaka's Amityville Cop that is due to be released by Cinema Epoch. It is written by Geno McGahee (Rise of the Scarecrows: Hell on Earth) and stars Jason Toler (Crack House of the Dead) alongside Lisa London (Choke), Nicole D'Angelo (Quarantine Girl), Lovie Johnson (Prey of Wrath), Nino Cimino, Chris Spinelli and cult actress Laurene Landon (Hundra). The synopsis is that a city with a violent past sees the emergence of a demonic force that two detectives set out to stop.

Comedy horror film Chompy & the Girls has been acquired by Freestyle Digital Media for a North American VOD release on 14th September. The film is about a depressed young woman whose first time meeting her father goes very wrong when they witness a girl get swallowed entirely by a man! This was written and directed by Skye Braband and features Christie St. John, Steve Marvel, Seneca Palliotta, Julie Dolan, Hari Williams, Reggie Koffman, and a special appearance by Udo Kier who provides the voice of Chompy. Skye says of the film "we hoped to open up a discussion about what it means to grow, thrive, and live with mental health problems...Granted, we wanted to explore these themes in the most fun, surreal, and exciting way possible."

On 19th October the Italian horror classics Demons and Demons 2 get released on 4K UHD via Synapse Films. These Lamerto Bava cult movies are fantastic zombie-like horrors that show the classic era of Italian horror at its best. Going from my memory of having watched these, Demons has a bunch of people trapped inside a cinema in which a demonic outbreak has occurred. Demons 2 doesn't do too much to mess with the formula, in this one a bunch of people are trapped within a high-rise apartment complex in which a demonic outbreak has occurred. Both the limited edition two-disc UHD Blu-ray and the Blu-ray contain a heck of a lot of extras including commentaries, interviews, original trailers, and look-backs on the films.

Jon Morvay's animated short Lobster Girl and Other Tales is now available on Vimeo, Plex, and Zumo. This has a creepy animated graphic novel type look to it, I believe I once saw this under a different moniker, I may be mistaken. The titular story here involves a man who falls in love with a stripper with ectrodactyly (a rare limb malformation) and decides he wants surgery to look the same as her.

Onto music news now, synthpop/synthwave artist The Rain Within has released his new horror themed song Forward in Reverse. I will let the press release speak: '...is heavily influenced by the horror films that vocalist/producer Andy Deane fell in love with as a child. It is driven by repetitious, haunting melodies that call back spiritually to themes from the films of Argento, Fucli, and Carpenter'. Forward in Reverse can be heard here.

Harrisburg, PA based heavy rock band Eternal Frequency have released an official music video for their cover of the all time classic Nine Inch Nails song Head Like a Hole. The cover doesn't do much to change up the song, though the female vocals of front-woman Emelle Elizabeth is enough to set it apart. The song can be downloaded/streamed from all the main digital music platforms. I'm really in the mood to listen to some classic NIN now.

Fort Worth, TX based heavy rock band Lockjaw have released a new official music video for their latest single, Silence the Fear. It was directed by Jeremy Peterson and produced by Chris Collier, who is also producing the band's upcoming album. I will include the video below, and follow the link here if you're interested in getting a hold of the single.

Gothic/industrial metal band Autumn Stay have revealed their new video for the single Closer to the Edge. The track is about the negative side of being an artist, how being so committed to your art that it can drive you crazy. Erik Gustafson, the cinematographer of the track said of it "I tried to dramatically light the shots to not only give a classic dark aesthetic to it. But we also had a really cool location, this old church. So I wanted to capture some kind of dark beauty as well, especially with the deep red tones and lighting, I was able to add a frantic feel with some creative editing and color correction themes".

Finally, Detroit deathgaze dup Vazum have released a new music video for their song Razor Smile that comes from their latest album, V+. The video was filmed by the duo in their home studio and directed by vocalist/bassist Emily Sturm. The lyrics for the song speak about the hypocrisy of people who watch porn while at the same time belittling them for the work they choose to do. The video was inspired by the films of Dario Argento and Panos Cosmatos. Razor Smile and the rest of Vazum's music can be purchased here.

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