Monday, 15 March 2021

March 2021 Releases for the ARROW Platform - Horror Film News

We are halfway into March so it is about time to mention the releases on the subscription-based ARROW platform. This service is now also available to UK subscribers who join the US and Canada.

March 1st saw the release of The Stylist, a film about a lonely and secretly deranged hair stylist. I said in my review '...the competence of the filmmaking process made for something that was easy to appreciate as a whole.' This is an ARROW streaming exclusive. 

The month also sees the release of a bunch of collected shorts from Jim Cummings and Brian Lonano. The Brian Lonano Collection: Volume 1 came out on March 1st and includes Crow Hand!!!, Gwilliam, BFF Girls, Gwilliam's Tips for Turning Tricks into Treats and an exclusive premiere of The Devil's Asshole. Cummings films came out today, March 15th and include Parent Teacher, Cory Comes to Xmas, The Stop, Marty Hearts Katie, The Robbery, Native Stand Up and Us Funny.

Other choice picks for the month include Japan's homages to H.G Wells character: The Invisible Man Appears (1949) and The Invisible Man Vs. the Human Fly (1957) that dropped March 1st, March 8th brings films of a tape based horror including The El Duce Tapes, the Ringu series, Videoman, and Ivansxtc. March 12th is the release of a collection that highlights strong practical effects, this includes Bride of Re-Animator, Doom Asylum and Inferno of Torture.

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