Thursday, 25 March 2021

Bad Land (2007) and The Dead Half (2017) - Horror Film News

News on a couple of HNN Presents releases for today. First up is Bad Land that is directed by Ron McLellon and stars Jennifer Cudnik, West Cummings, and Beth Kenner and is available from Bayview Entertainment. This is about a group of college students who accidentally go onto the property of a family of sinister rednecks. The family, wanting to keep their secrets safe from outsiders begin to target the students.

Another HNN Presents release is The Dead Half, also available via Bayview Entertainment. The synopsis for this one concerning a filmmaker who hopes to get make a name for himself by filming a documentary from within an abandoned house that was once a clinic run by a bizarre doctor and his twin daughters. The filmmaker, along with some friends, plan to stay overnight in the property, an idea that turns out to be terrible when it becomes apparent that something very evil inhabits the place.

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