Monday, 1 February 2021

Three Mirrors Creature's Flashes of Flesh - Horror Film News and Trailer

A new redband trailer for Giuliano Tomassacci's sci-fi/horror film Three Mirrors Creature's Flashes of Flesh has been released. The film is an experimental drama, it stars Michela Bruni as a ruthless manager who 'in the aftermath of an emotional shock, becomes pervaded by a sensory spirit and undertakes a purifying - although grievous - voyage'. The cast also features Samantha Abear, Claudio Losavio, Corinna Coroneo, Piervito Bonifacio, Federica Pocaterra, Giorgia Grillo, Marina Loré and Clarice Ching.

The redband trailer can be viewed on YouTube, while a new teaser trailer can be viewed below.

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