Sunday, 28 February 2021

The Rotting Zombie's Round-up of Horror News for February 2021

Another month has gone by and still in lockdown here in the UK. Outside of horror news I had a week off work as holiday the other week, spent the entire time sick with some sort of mild flu which actually wasn't Covid. It's nice to know traditional flu is still hanging out and that not everything revolves around that accursed thing. I feel one day I will be able to abolish this monthly news round-up, but a quick glance in my 'News' section of my inbox, and seeing that it has 41 emails there, it isn't quite the time to ditch this post.

First off some Bayview Entertainment news. They have released the official posters and trailers for their new releases, Red and My Dead Ones. In Red an unknown entity haunts a small town. Men are found dead, females found insane, and there are reports of out in the woods.
My Dead Ones is about shy film student, David who hides a dark past. That one is in Portuguese with English subtitles. Both films are out now on DVD.

Also from Bayview Entertainment is Nothing Else which was released on 9th February on DVD and Digital. This comes from Timoth Conrad Kachumia and stars Hassan Ally Daffur, Brian Mrikaria, and Mohammed Mwikongi. The film is about two strangers who find themselves not only trapped in a room, but also trapped in a time loop. Time loop films usually always have at least a couple of good ideas to them.
As part of their HNN Presents label comes Buddy Bebop Vs The Living Dead. This takes places in 1956 in which the dead are rising from their graves due to sinister experiments. Love the title for this one and zombies are always cool, so hopefully the film matches the premise.

Yet more Bayview Entertainment news with The Devils Daughter and Unfacebook also now out. The former is a story about the daughter of the devil who heads to Earth in order to find a way to get God's forgiveness. The later is about a hypnotic priest who uses a strange new social media platform to induce a group of young men to turn into killers.
Giovanni Aloisio's Nuns - An Italian Horror Story arrived on DVD and Digital on 16th February. This is about three nuns living in an old convent with a mysterious past. This is said to be based on the style of the classics of Dario Argento and Mario Bava.

The Box came to Video On Demand on 2nd February from Midnight Releasing. This curious sounding movie is about a struggling actor who starts having recurring nightmares about mirrors. As he gets closer to landing a major movie role he discovers the plot of the film matches that of his nightmares.

SamHel has taken footage from the 2008 unreleased parody film Amateur Porn Star Killer 3D: Inside the Head by Shane Ryan and put together his own more serious film Erotophonophiliac: Documents of a Lust Murderer (say that ten times fast). This easy to say horror is limited to just 300 copies on DVD and can be purchased here.
The original Amateur Porn Star Killer films will be getting a 4th edition release on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing.

The controversial Human Hibachi is now on the Troma Now streaming service. This horror by Mario Cerrito is about a man who documents his girlfriend's ill fated 35th birthday on his phone. A sequel has already been announced with Human Hibachi 2 "Feast in the Forest" set to film later in the year. Also Cerrito is hard at work on his upcoming production The House in the Pines.

Dark Red Horror have launched a campaign for The Night Courier on Seed&Spark. Filmmakers Tabitha and Mason McDonald (the truly stunning September, By Sunrise) have put together a team that they believe are excellent. Their latest film is about a woman who feeds people to monsters. When one of her victims escapes things change into a nightmarish cat and mouse chase. For more details of the campaign check out here.

Werewolf mystery thriller Beast Within came out on DVD on February 23rd from Stonecutter Media. The cast includes Colm Feore (The Umbrella Academy), Ari Millen (Orphan Black), Holly Deveaux (Shadowhunters, The Mist), and Art Hindle (Black Christmas, Invasion of the Body Snatchers). The plot for this sees a new gaming app Werewolves Awaken being launched at a VIP event. After someone turns up dead the remaining guests get caught up in a deadly version of the fictional game.

Another Small Town Monsters documentary is in the works, this one titled On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey. This is a follow up to the miniseries On the Trail of Bigfoot and sees cryptid documentarian Seth Breedlove heading to the Adirondacks in search of the titular beast. This documentary is just one branch of the 'On the Trail of' series, with On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky coming in spring and On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Discovery also coming later in the year. There are even two miniseries on the way, On the Trail of Hauntings and On the Trail of the Lake Michigan Mothman.

Finally, some music news and Dark Rock musician Sharone has released a third single from her upcoming LP Morbid Illusion. Screaming Into Oblivion has had an official music video made for it that was directed by Kyle Lamar and Justin Purvis. Sharone says of the song " about depression. I wrote the song when I was feeling very alone" and she says of the video itself "I went with a 'Clue (board game) meets The Grudge' theme. The idea was to show different characters trying to figure out who it was who killed me".

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