Friday, 22 January 2021

Midnight Releasing - January 2021 Film Releases

A few January releases from Midnight Releasing. The Spiritualist is out now on VOD from Midnight Releasing. A woman living at a family mansion comes to believe that she is being haunted by the spirit of her recently deceased mother, either that or she is going insane. Her friend hires a spiritualist to come to the property to hold a seance. I said in my 2017 review of this "There are some great parts of this movie, mainly in the double whammy of both Julie T. Wallace and Caroline Burns Cook". The best thing about this movie though is that it is directed by Carl Medland who would go on to make the entertaining and meta Paranormal Farm trilogy.
This is now out on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox Video, Vimeo, Hoopla, TerrorTV, ShiverTV, Flix Fling, Tubi, and The Cult Movie Network.

Also out is Capture Kill Release. This is a found footage, but it is of the new breed, one which follows the perpetrators rather than the victims of a horrific act. A depraved couple plan to murder a stranger just for the fun of it. Back in 2017 in my review I said "I am surprised by how much I actually did enjoy Capture Kill Release". Check here for more details on that one.

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