Sunday, 13 December 2020

The Wicked Woods - Now Available on DVD and VOD - Horror Film News

The latest HNN Presents release is The Wicked Woods which has came to DVD and VOD from Bayview Entertainment. The film is about a married woman and her lover who have headed to a remote woodland cabin to discuss their future. Soon they find themselves under assault by forces outside the cabin. So far so The Evil Dead. This force reveals itself in the form of an old man, a nude woman, and cloaked children, and seeks to punish the couple for their actions in life.

This is a Spanish language film with English subtitles and is a presentation, it can be purchased on Amazon. It can also be found at Walmart, FYE, TCM Shop, Deep Discount,, Import CDs, Vintage Vinyl and more, in DVD form. VOD platforms include Amazon Prime, Vimeo, iTunes, Tubi, Roku, and MX Player.

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