Sunday, 1 November 2020

Horror Icon Bill Oberst Jr. Goes Full Drool On Amazon - Horror News

Some real strange news I have picked for today, fitting as it features cult actor Bill Oberst Jr. (DIS, Coyote). The actor's face is now on a Halloween T-shirt on Amazon. This is to be the first in a series of branded horror products being developed by the Emmy Award and Lon Chaney Award-winner.

The head shot is by Los Angeles photographer Michael Helms. Oberst Jr. says of the photoshoot "He calls me up one day wanting to play with some iconic Hollywood character types. So I'm in his studio and he says 'Backwoods Killer!' Well, I started thinking of lines like 'Looks like ya'll gonna be here for the night' and boy, that drool just started flowing."

The T-shirt can be found on Amazon in the USA, UK, German, Italy and Japan marketplaces. The next branded products for Amazon will include a Circus of the Dead diorama, custom horror dolls and the return of The Bill Oberst Jr. Severed Ear. More than anything though this post was an excuse to mention his brilliant podcast; Bill Oberst Jr's Gothic Goodnight which once gave me and my blog a surprise shoutout.


Bill Oberst Jr. said...

Daniel, thank you for this kind mention. I love The Rotting Zombie and I so appreciate what you do for horror. Bloody good wishes to you and yours, Bill

Daniel Simmonds said...

Thank you for the nice words, appreciate it, keep up the great work!