Wednesday, 28 October 2020

See What She Did (2020) - Short Horror Film News

UK based Ark Indie Productions have this year finished work on their third short horror film, See What She Did. This was directed and written by Daniel Keeble, produced by Alice Rya, and based on a story by lead actor Samantha Anderson. 

In this latest short, two close friends, Cassie and Stephanie go away on a camping trip to enjoy a night of excess. Things don't go according to plan with the question arising being 'How well do you truly know someone, as well as you know yourself?' This follows on from previous films Off The Hook and The Woods Near Jacob's Farm. All three films are united by an attempt 'to take the audience out of their comfort zone with plot twists, hidden messages and plenty of subtext.'

See What She Did premieres this Halloween, and for one night only at that. To watch this follow Ark Indie Productions on Facebook and Instagram.

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