Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Genevieve Wreaks Havoc (2020) - Short Horror Film Review

Genevieve Wrecks Havoc is Nicholas Michael Jacobs follow up to the short film, Genevieve that released back in July, which itself was a spin-off from horror anthology, Urban Fears. I had heard the director had intended to create a series of short films revolving around the titular possessed doll and so was happy to see a new one was to be released so swiftly after the first. Spoilers for the first short are to follow so if you are yet to see that then head on over to YouTube where it can be viewed for free.

This picks up immediately after the events of Genevieve, with the burglar (Jacobs) falling prey to the very doll he had intended to steal. While that is going on we see the text messages from his accomplice informing him that the house owner, Ted (Shawn C. Phillips - Urban Fears, Tooth Fairy) has returned home...

The first short was four minutes not including the credits, and this sequel is even shorter at around three and a half minutes. With regards to the filmmaking there has been no change, this is nicely filmed and edited together and so is pleasing to watch. I guess my complaint here would be it is very much the middle part of a story, as a stand alone movie it wouldn't make much sense as it fairly enough expects you to know what has gone on before. The doll effects are as charmingly basic as ever, and the story is entertaining enough, I was just left with a feeling of wanting more. On the one hand this is can be seen as a good thing, the films are obviously decent enough that I am invested in the story unfolding.

If you watched and enjoyed Genevieve then Genevieve Wrecks Havoc is essential viewing, I am interested to see what unfolds in the next chapter of the short film series. The film will be released on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video on October 1st.


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