Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Toxic Alien Zombie Babes From Outer Space - Horror Film News

I don't really do news posts for individual items anymore on my blog, but made an exception for Toxic Alien Babes From Outer Space as the creator, David Black asked me nicely! Black is an Australian director whose works usually take the form of short horror films, often comedic ones at that. Despite being in lock-down due to the obvious he has still managed to release 5 films over the past 3 months. These include Babble On, Babylon, Quest of Questions, Blargenfloof and the Seventh Golden Shamrock, Sinister Symbiosis and Klink, Klunk, Klonk. His latest film is a little different as it is to be a feature length one.

He has teamed up with Gerado Chierchia for this latest film, and it is Chierchia who is going to be directing and editing it. They face some challenges in that Melbourne, where they are based, is currently back in lock-down. To deal with some of these challenges, green screen, sfx, and some currently secret methods are going to be used to help create what is intended to be a pro level film.

The film has already had some actors confirmed, these confirmations include Vixey Teh who will be starring as the titular Toxic Alien Zombie Babe, Melanie Kuhn as Sgt. Harper, Natasha Mace as a 'concerned mother', and Glen Cook. All of these actors have previously worked with Black, either in front of, or behind the scenes on his previous films.

The intention of the movie is to pay homage to cult classics from the past, ones such as War of the Worlds, Plan 9 from Outer Space, and Attack of the 50 Foot Women. From the title alone this is obviously inspired by that golden age of B-movies. The original idea was to have plenty of guest appearances from B-movie stars, but they all turned down the offer. Chierchia says of this movie:
"I'm sure the film will be interesting...this period will be a time we will never forget...what better way to put ourselves on the inside, of our memories by making a film for us and for the future."
For more information about this head to the film's Facebook page, here.

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