Saturday, 30 May 2020

The Rotting Zombie's Round-up of Horror News for May 2020

For a few months now I have been trying to get to a stage where I can get rid of my monthly news posts, instead releasing the news in a timely fashion on my Twitter and Facebook pages. This turned out not to be the best month to implement that, my mother sadly passed away last Wednesday after a year long battle with cancer. It really sucks, but she wont be forgotten, after all, to quote Norman Bates; "a boy's best friend is his mother". It was her who predicted my future passion for all things horror. I was kind of a cowardly kid, but I always remember her telling me she thought I would love horror films when I got older, and it turns out she was very right about that!
In happier news a couple of weeks back saw my blog get to its 12 year anniversary, it both doesn't seem that long since I started this up, but at the same time it is hard to remember a time when I wasn't blogging here.

Until this year I had never heard of BayView Entertainment, but this past half year I have been sent plenty of screeners from that company, many of which are pretty darn good. Well, its Widowmaker Films division have teamed up with to create a new horror video distribution label named 'HNN Presents'. This label promises to utilise 'the insider knowledge of the horror field from with the distribution experience of BayView Entertainment'. Titles will be available to streaming and physical media platforms, and is due to start Summer 2020.
BayView have also teamed up with Mongol Films to release a lot of their catalog in U.S markets.
Now available on DVD from BayView Entertainment are Odd Perspective and Resort Parasio. The former is about a synergist with the ability to see patterns in reality. He returns to his home town to find out the cause of his father's death. That one I have a screener of, with a review due in the first week of June. Resort Parasio is about two squaters at an isolated resort who find themselves pursued by a security guard, I assume he doesn't take kindly to intruders.

The official trailer for drug fueled horror Habitual has been released. This film stars Chris 'CT' Tamburello (MTV's The Challenge) and is directed and written by Johnny Hickey (Oxy Morons). In this, a group of drug taking friends find themselves stalked by a relentless evil at a rave held at an abandoned asylum, and their grasp of reality begins to unravel.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for horror comedy The True Tale of Ole Spitfoot VS. The Lesbian Warrior Nuns of the Great White North. An announcement video labelled NSFW has been released, this video features producers Ash Hamilton and Ben Harl. For more details about the campaign head on over to the Indiegogo page here.

May's Double Feature DVD's from Frolic Pictures have been announced, with a theme of the Post-Apocalypse. As always there are far too many to list, but I will include the titles of some of them at random. Having experienced one of these double features in the past I will add I was impressed with what I saw. Titles released this month include, Search and Destroy/The Final Comedown, Carnage/Funeral Home, Madhouse/Touch of Death, and Graveyard Disturbance/Blood Tide. As always these can be purchased from the Frolic Pictures website.

I have mentioned the upcoming horror anthology Realm of Shadows in previous news posts, and now it has been confirmed that horror legend Michael Berryman (Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes, Rob Zombie's The Devils Rejects) has joined the cast, that already includes Tony Todd (the Candyman franchise), Jimmy Drain (The Initiation) and Vida Ghaffari (The Mindy Project). This anthology was due to go into production before the pandemic, but is now waiting to resume once the US lockdown ends.

Social thriller anthology Tales from Da Ville is now available to watch for free on YouTube. This anthology has a count tell three stories that deal with 'horrific social issues'. The idea behind this was gained after watching Jordan Peele's Get Out and realising horror could be used to reflect real world racism. The anthology is in three parts, part one can be found here. I shall be putting a review up of this at some point in June.

Final film news this month is that The Evil Rises worldwide digital distribution rights have been acquired by Terror Films. This horror stars Bailey La Flam (ANiMUS), Joe Paulson (Pieces and Parts), as well as Michael Glauser, Julian De La Mora, Alec Lobato and Edward Hollingsworth. A group of friends discover an ancient statue that unleashes an evil spirit, they become enslaved by the spirit and forced to collect human blood for it. Currently available exclusively on TUBI TV, this film is due to be released across multiple digital platforms later this year.


Music news now, first up gothic metal/theatrical post-hardcore female fronted band Once Upon A Flatline have released a lyric video for their third single 'Hang Hymn High' from their EP The Theatre Lucy. The song is said to be 'the story of murder, right and wrong'.


Swedish melodic death metal band Curse of Eibon have released the lyric video to their single Seek To Destroy. Their songs are said to be 'very' inspired by H.P Lovecraft and the occult.


Russian metal band Tardigrade Inferno have premiered a new NSFW music video for their single Execution is Fun! This song is a gloomy story about a fictional advertisement of executions. It is out now on Spotify.

I will end this months news round-up with a trailer for upcoming turn based strategy game 1971 Project Helios. The game is due for release on all current platforms on June 9th.


This year hasn't been a good one for most involved, let's hope that as we get nearer to the second half that things begin to improve, and this downward spiral starts heading up.

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