Friday, 29 May 2020

Bill (2019) - Short Horror Film Review

One of the very few good things about a close family member passing away recently is that I was finally able to get some time off my day job, and so I have a few days in which I plan to go some way towards getting my blog not so backlogged. Bill is a three minute long horror, and is a reminder to me not to head towards the dark arts to help deal with my loss (not that I actually intended to do that!).

A grieving widow (Roxana Vilk) has turned towards the occult in order to see her deceased husband, Bill (Hugo Stanbury) one last time. However the potion she has concocted doesn't work quite as intended...

Bill was a DIY self funded short that was co-written and directed by Dan Gitsham and Sophie Mair. The background to this horror is perhaps more chilling than the short itself, as the idea for this was inspired by their two young sons who in real life would talk to a ghost they said they could see in the ceiling, a ghost they named Bill. This horror was partially created as part of a challenge to film a short film in their own home, using their own props, and filmed in just 1 day. I shouldn't generalise, but typically short horror films always end the same way, a sudden jump scare and cut to credits. Bill finishes on a note that is a little different, no jump scares to be found here thankfully.

The build-up for this had some great suspense, and I really loved what they did with the photo in the photo frame, it really was quite creepy, as well as a neat idea. Make-up effects for the final part of this were also good, but it was the photo frame part I enjoyed the most. The editing, directing and acting were all good for the story being told. I guess if I had any complaints it would be the ending, what happens felt a little bit removed from everything else that occured.

Bill is a competently made and atmospheric short that is a good indicator of the skills of these directors. Best of all, the short is available to watch for free online via Film Shortage.


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