Monday, 30 September 2019

The Rotting Zombie's Round-up of Horror News for September 2019

Getting towards the colder months now here in the UK, though the weather has yet to catch up aside from a bit of rain. Secretly I much prefer the cold weather to the sometimes heat of summer. First off is news concerning me. The fifth annual 15 Second Horror Film Challenge is due to take place later this year. People submit their 15 second horror films which then get judged in a series of categories. I'm happy to announce that this year I have been asked to be on the award panel, so I am looking forward to doing that. Film entries can be submitted for free until October 14th via here.

I'm starting off with something that only incidentally relates to horror, but I'm writing this post while slightly hungover and I found the music to be quite easy listening for my current mood. Pop-flavoured synthwave artist The Bad Dreamers (David Schuler) has released a new single, Georgetown that contains within it some subtle nods to horror in both the music and the lyrics. The Bad Dreamers creates a nostalgic feeling of the eighties so you should check out his stuff, as listening to it while writing this post I have become slightly addicted myself.

Drag queen horror flick Killer Unicorn has now come to VOD/DVD thanks to Indican Pictures. Described as 'American Psycho with a big ol' dash of Rocky Horror Picture Show' this is about a unicorn mask wearing killer in Brooklyn who targets drag queens.
The trailer for sci-fi/horror drama Three Mirrors Creature's Flashes of Flesh has debuted online. This experimental drama is the directorial debut for writer/cinematographer Giuliano Tomassacci. It stars Michela Bruni who 'in the aftermath of an emotional shock, becomes pervaded by a sensory spirit and undertakes a purifying - although grievous - voyage'. If the film is anything like the six and a half minute trailer then it certainly is going to be very experimental. As a warning the trailer features flashing imagery.

Next up is the trailer for Australian horror Turbines which is about two immigrants who get jobs working on a wind farm in rural Australia. They soon run into a whole host of problems from narrow-minded locals to immigration officers. It's not really made clear but the blurb seems to suggest this could be down to the wind turbines themselves? I hope it is as that would be funny. Turbines stars Igor Breakenback and Bianca Bradley and is due for release at the start of October.

Heavy metal frontman Ven Scott's short horror film Date from Hell is now available to watch for free on both Facebook and YouTube. This eleven minute horror is about a couple on date night who end up running into a roving serial killer.


A teaser trailer has dropped for anthology film Realm of Shadows, with all the shorts here said to be based on real events. It stars Tony Todd (West of Hell, Candyman) as a Catholic priest who has to go against the 'diabolic' alter ego of his close friend Robby. It also features Vida Ghaffari as the muse of Master Makin who has tension with her acolyte Corey.


Finally, in what has been a trailer filled month of little details comes the trailer for Joe Raffa's Dark Harbor. In this one a heavily pregnant woman returns to her childhood home island off the coast of Maine to face her mother, and attend her father's funeral. It is here she discovers a dark family secret. This had its world premiere at the Catalina Film Festival earlier this month.

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