Wednesday, 30 January 2019

The Rotting Zombie's Round-up of Horror News for January 2019

New year a new me? Not exactly but change is rarely good. Going to start this months news burst off by saying that the Resident Evil 2 Remake is as great as I hoped. I have always loved the original Resident Evil 2 so it has been a joy to see the changes they have made (both good and bad). I am currently halfway through the B mission, so when that is done a review will be going up. Also I have been streaming my entire playthrough on YouTube at my channel there.

Starting off proper with my monthly news for horror comedy Camp Death III in 2D! This time around the director Matt Frame sat through his film 34 times in a row, a total of 52 hours, 27 minutes, and 23 seconds. This was in order to get publicity for the films release on Amazon Prime this February as well as to raise advertising funds. This event was broadcast live to Facebook, Twitch and YouTube with Frame providing a running commentary throughout.

Lawrie Brewster's latest horror Automata is to premiere at FrightFest Glasgow this March. This new feature from Brewster and writer Sarah Daly of Hex Studios is said 'to be their boldest offering yet, with a lavish, Giallo-esque visual style, a subversive sensibility, and a narrative that spans three centuries.' The film is about an antiques expert who comes under the corrupting influence of a three hundred year old clockwork doll known as the 'Infernal Princess'. Automata will screen on 2nd March.
Hex Studios are also to release the limited edition of Sam Ashurst's Frankenstein's Creature. This is a arthouse retelling of the classic Mary Shelley story that is shown from the perspective of the monster. This was shot in a single take and stars James Swanton as the solo performer. This will be limited to just 200 copies and can be brought here.

A new teaser trailer has been released for Roberto D'Antona's The Last Heroes. The film is due for release in 2019 by L/D Production Company. In this horror fantasy an ancient witch known as Kaisha has placed a dark curse over a town and it is up to the titular group of townsfolk to try and stop her. The trailer piqued my interest.

My next two pieces of news come thanks to my discovery of the spam folder on my Facebook page. First is Badass Bunyip which is an Australian horror from David Black and Gerardo Chierchia that promises to be a 'schlocky, gory horror Christmas movie'. Here Shazza (Tritia DeViSha) and Gazza (Black) encounter a murderous bunyip (a creature of Aboriginal legend) after accidentally choosing an Aboriginal sacred site as the location for their Christmas picnic. Filming has now started on this and judging by the teaser trailer it will be a fun watch when it comes out.

Acid Pit Stop is a zombie comedy that is due for release in 2019 coming from Silent Studio Productions, and which is currently in post production. In a similar vein to Goa Goa Gone and Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave bad drugs at a rave turns the party goers into flesh hungry undead. There is also a trailer for this one.

Knock Knock Knock Knock is a homage to the Italian horror/giallo film genre with nods to the works of Dario Argento, Mario Brava and Lucio Fulci. In this short film  Freya, a troubled woman finds herself plagued by a constant knocking at her door, but is it all in her head? This is stated to be a starting off point for 'a series of visually arresting moments'. Faster Productions have made the decision that if anyone wants to view the short all they need to do is drop an email to with the subject line 4KANDLES to be sent a link to download the film. This was designed as a reaction to the culture of today where anything can be viewed instantly. I shall be putting up a review of this at some point in the next few weeks.

Finally Steve Fabry has directed a found footage titled The Nightstalker Case. He is also in a band - The Nightstalker, as well as having written two books. Everything he does with these share the same concept, that of an angel who decided to head to Earth to help mankind. The film can be purchased here. It is about three friends researching into an urban legend that has them discovering seemingly supernatural figures.

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