Saturday, 8 September 2018

He's a Bleeder (2011) - Short Drama Film Review

Gil Ben-Harosh's He's a Bleeder isn't a horror film as such, but as someone was kind enough to send a recommendation to my inbox I thought I may as well check it out for review. It is a nearly 8 minute crime drama that felt like a slice out of a bigger film with it both beginning and ending in the middle of a story.

Brothers Buddy (Philip Hersh) and Bucky (Joseff Stevenson) have recently taken over the stripclub that their deceased father used to run. After the club boss is found to be abusing his position (Russ Kingston) the duo decide they need to make an example of him...

It is Stevenson who really makes this short, he has much of the screen time with the character of Buddy relegated to a side role. His performance was spot on, I really liked the way he would stutter his lines, it gave the character a sense of being unsure of himself, obviously new in the role of co-manager with his more silent brother coming across as more authoritative. He was a compelling actor and easily the best thing about He's a Bleeder, and he's mainly what made this short comedic.

While obviously an indie production, and with the weird sense of this being a slice out of a bigger pie I found He's a Bleeder to be a compelling enough comedy drama, mostly down to Stevenson. If you have a spare eight minutes then give it a watch, I will include it down below.


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