Sunday, 11 March 2018

The Rotting Zombie's Round-up of Horror News for March 2018

Another month and another news round-up of everything I have been sent in the last month. First up there is going to be a DVD release of obscure horror film The Soultangler which is the first release from the partnership of the AGFA (American Genre Film Archive) and Bleeding Skull! The press release says of the film 'if Re-animator was shot on Long Island for the price of a used car, The Soultangler would be the result'. A mad doctor develops a drug that allows users to inhabit corpses and transform into maniacs; sounds pretty cool to me. Previously only ever released on VHS the DVD release is going to include a director's cut, commentary track by director Pat Bishow, behind the scenes footage and more, it can be pre-ordered here.

Agramon's Gate is a new demonic horror film that is due to star Laurene Landon (Maniac Cop 1 and 2) and Yan Birch (The People Under the Stairs, Death House) and is going to be written, directed and produced by filmmaker and actor Harley Wallen. In this film a young man with a dark past holds a seance during a housewarming party, but things go wrong and something evil is unleashed in the home.

Mr. Cleaver is now on Prime and Vimeo On Demand. This a slasher that is 'a sex, drugs, and gore throwback to the straight-to-video slasher movies of the early 90's'. The synopsis is that a group of lowlifes break into a seemingly abandoned warehouse where they become hunted by the murderous owner. From the trailer this low budget horror looks like it has been designed to appeal to those who like their terror trashy and over the top, so could be fun.

Artsploitation Films have acquired two foreign horror films for distribution in 2018. Chilean Trauma (a man and his son go after a group of women out in the countryside), and Argentinean Luciferina (a woman discovers Satanic horror out in the jungle). These are going to be shown at select film festivals, followed by Blu-Ray and VOD. Artsploitation also have the U.S and Canadian rights to EuroObscura's A Taste of Phobia which is an anthology created by 14 international directors, the central concept being that each short is to focus on a different phobia. These include mazeophobia (fear of being lost), astrophobia (fear of celestial objects), and caetophobia (fear of hairs) and so sounds like it is going to be quite random. The trailer makes this seem like it could be quite bloody and entertaining, there's few things as good as a decent anthology.

Game news now and I have been meaning to say for ages, but around Christmas time there was a free new map for Killing Floor 2 called Krampus Lair. This re-skinned the monsters to have a festive theme to them, and features a boss fight against Krampus itself. Variety with bosses is one thing this game really lacks so having a new boss can only be a good thing. Not sure if I mentioned this one, but there was also a free map released before then titled Nightmares. In this one each round takes place in a different horror filled location. Levels include one where you are tiny, a World War I based map, a cavern full of cobwebs, and a twisted fairground.

Zombie VR game Throw Anything came out on HTC Vive/Steam VR on February 28th. In this one you have to throw anything you can get your hands on at the undead that are attempting to scale the high-rise building you find yourself on. The most exciting thing for me about this is that later in the year it shall be coming to PSVR (and Oculus Rift). Check out the trailer.


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