Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Walking Dead: Season 8 and Stranger Things: Season 2 Trailers - Horror TV Show News

A lot of really cool trailers dropped recently and I have plucked a few of the horror ones out the ether to put on my blog. Originally I planned to review Ghost Note tonight but due to overtime in my day job I am doing a far easier blog post. I literally do not understand the hate that The Walking Dead gets in its later series. Sure it isn't without its troubles yet I love the show, season 7 in particular was a real return to form. The trailer for season 8 has dropped and it looks like it is going to be another fantastic season. The trailer shows plenty of the war between the various factions with lots of shooting, explosions and impassioned speeches from Rick, Ezekial and Maggie, as well as more of Negan being terrifying. Interestingly it ends with a scene showing a bearded Rick laying in a bed, to me and my friend's mind this was him waking up from the coma he fell into in episode one of the very first season, I would actually find that awesome if the whole show had been in his mind, but I don't think it is ending soon and seems weird they would spoil the ending in a trailer so may well just be another dream episode, or maybe even have had Rick fall into another coma for a period of time. Sure I could just look to the comics for an explanation but I don't want to spoil things.

There was also a trailer for the second season of Stranger Things, that show blew me away and so I am very excited for season 2. With Will having been rescued from the Upside Down things should have returned to normal, however he keeps finding himself back there, while it seems the evil of that place is spreading into the real world. The trailer is full of 80's references such as Dragon's Lair, Ghostbusters, and Michael Jackson's Thriller and ends with the reappearance of Eleven. All in all it looks freaking amazing, cannot wait for it.


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