Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Horror News Omnibus February 2017

It is that time again when my inbox has filled up with horror news, and so here is another combination post to siphon off some of it into the world of the internet. First off Johnny Macabre and The Blood Shed have announced a new horror based VOD site called I Bleed Indie. To picture it think of Shudder (a horror based Netflix), crossed with Vimeo. The site is focused on American indie and international horror films and so far there are over 100 films on there. The best part is that for indie film makers it offers a non-exclusivity deal where they get to keep 90% of any profit made. The films on offer are all dirt cheap to rent for 72 hours and include ones as Be My Cat: A Film for Anne, Killbillies, and Night of Something Strange. Check out the site here.

I have a trailer for Faces of 4. This is the debut short horror of photographer/videographer/musician Alexander Azzi. The synopsis is that a man finds himself forced to roll dice to determine his own fate and survival, and it has been described as having the minimalistic feeling of Saw crossed with the suspense of Alfred Hitchcock. The trailer looks intriguing, check it out for yourself.

Next up are a couple of upcoming releases from MVD Entertainment Group, the first being Child Eater that comes to North American DVD and Digital formats on March 28th. This is based on the short film of the same name and is director Erlinger Thoroddsen's debut film that is described as 'a creepy, stylish roller-coaster ride inspired by the classic horror's of the 1980's'. A small boy goes missing from his bedroom in the middle of the night and so his babysitter heads out into nearby woodland to find him. However these woods used to be the hunting ground of a child focused serial killer whose death many years previously doesn't seem to have stopped him. Child Eater won four awards at the Fantastically Horrifying Cinema Festival that included 'Best Film', 'Best Actress', and 'Best Cinematography'.

On March 21st comes a 2K restoration of cult horrors House and House II: The Second Story in one package that is limited to 5000 copies, this will mark House's Blu-Ray debut. I own all four House films on VHS, they certainly vary in quality. The main thing I recall is an evil talking pizza (I believe that was House III). In the first one a horror novelist inherits his aunts old mansion that is full of evil supernatural beings. In House II a boy moves into the mansion of his deceased parents where he discovers his mummified great-great grandfather as well as an evil zombie cowboy. Both films have audio commentaries as well as making of documentaries.
Lastly from MVD Entertainment is The Burningmore Deaths which actually saw a release on 14th February. This is inspired by true events (isn't everything these days?) surrounding unsolved murders caught on security cameras during a production shoot of a home improvement style TV show pilot. Former Queensryche vocalist Geoff Tate plays James Parrish; a man who vanished after apparently killing his wife and three kids. It turns out the home improvement show is filming at his old house, and that he has returned to carry on the murder.

Last but not least is zombie comedy horror Peelers (that I'm happy to say I got to see last year) has now got distribution. It is getting a Canadian theatrical release on March 24th, while it is getting American VOD release on 28th March. To celebrate this fact there is a new trailer, I have to say it is a hell of a lot better than the original trailer, check it out below.  That reminds me, I still need to watch Skew (the director of Peelers previous film).


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