Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Layers of Fear: Inheritance - Part 2 of My Complete Playthrough

Welcome to part 2 of my complete play-through of Layers of Fear: Inheritance. In this second part I spend a bizarre amount of time completely baffled as to how to proceed. Check out part 1 here. Putting these up on my blog is all new so if it is something you think is pointless then let me know! In general my film reviews are the most viewed thing I do so this is kinda an experiment...


Iron Criterion said...

Great Let's Play. Never played Layers of Fear, so might have to pick it up - is the main game as good as the DLC?

I was also thinking of doing Let's Play videos on my blog, do you find it helps break up the monotony of writing?

Daniel Simmonds said...

Thank you for the nice comment :)

I found the main game to be disappointing, it's certainly very interesting in what it does and has its moments but I hated the way it felt very level based and artificial rather than a real location, while the voice acting is awful.

As you can tell from the quality I've only recently started doing Let's Play videos, experimenting mixing them into my blog. For me I want to have them as an addition rather than replace written posts, but I admit I started them as a way to try and remove some of the guilt I get when playing games instead of working on blog posts! I guess any new content is good for the blog though :)