Monday, 31 October 2016

Layers of Fear: Inheritance (2016) - Part 1 of my complete playthrough (PS4)

I have recently started putting up more YouTube videos, these are very rough and are mostly just PS4 video games streamed live or prerecorded with me speaking as I play. I thought I may as well start putting them on my blog as well, they wont replace my regular blog posts but be in addition to them. This first one is for the Layers of Fear DLC.

So it is Halloween today, the most wonderful of holidays and I am in The Rotting Zombie HQ in lock down as I have no treats for visiting ghouls and so need to simulate being out. Actually I spent much of the evening out anyway as I went to my friends for our weekly The Walking Dead and Ash vs Evil Dead watching (were both excellent by the way!).

So I shall be doing a review of Layers of Fear: Inheritance down the line anyway so I wont say much more, other than the main game had you exploring a weird nightmare house as a tortured artist, in the DLC you play as his daughter who seems to be visiting her childhood home to confront the demons of her past. Happy Halloween!

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