Friday, 1 July 2016

Echoes of the Passed - Short Horror Film News

UK based Scott Lyus who directed the short horrors Order of the Ram (cult in the wood) and Silently Within Your Shadow  (possessed ventriloquist's doll) has announced his next project which is to be a short horror/thriller titled Echoes of the Passed.

This time around it is a haunted house film, interestingly it sounds like the short takes place just before a team, led by an old professor investigate a creepy old house that has a terrible past (rather than during), but with the horror encountered much sooner than anticipated. It will be good to see if terror is able to be created by having a lead up to a paranormal investigation rather than actually witnessing it. Often what is implied can be far more scary than anything shown so if there is some decent build up of the mystique of the location it may well succeed on that front.

The screenplay for Echoes of the Passed is by Tony Sands, and will be produced and directed by Scott Lyus. It is to star Sophie Tergeist (Silently Within Your Shadow) as Liz and Paul Dewdney as the Professor. There is currently an Indiegogo campaign running to get funds to make the short film, it is hoping to raise £2,500 and currently has raised £1,725. With twenty four days left to go on the campaign it looks like it may well be successful. If this sounds like something you would like to back then check out the Indiegogo page (here) where there is more information and a list of perks you could get. Check out the campaign video below if you so wish...

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