Sunday, 17 April 2016

Dead Bride - Horror Film News and Pitch Trailer

A few weeks back I did a small blog post about Scottish horror Bridal Fever and now bizarrely another bride based bit of horror film news has reached my inbox, this time in the form of Dead Bride which comes from Francesco Picone who was the director for the bridge based zombie short Anger of the Dead.

After her fathers death, Alyson, her husband and baby head back to her childhood home. After some supernatural events occur Alyson discovers her family have been cursed due to her grandfather killing a bride in the past. With her child captured Alyson must travel into the underworld in order to rescue the baby and find a way to end the curse.

The press release describes Dead Bride as a psychological horror that is to be full of suspense and twists and turns that will keep the viewer hooked. The production is currently looking to get funds to enter pre-production. The pitch trailer is included below and features suspenseful walking around in the dark, messed up scenes of demonic possession and of course the titular dead bride.

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