Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Tandem Region Times - Horror Website

This is a bit of a strange post today, I have delved into some of my more obscure back log and located an email I received from Nick Raynor; the editor of The Tandem Region Times which is a horror tinged spoof new site for the fictional Canadian municipality Tandem Region that has a comedic edge to it.

The site has been going for over a year and updates once a week on Friday and while I have not had an in depth look at it what I did read was pretty funny and also interesting. People are able to submit their own news stories to the website. As an example of the type of report you will find here there was one about a game show filmed in a constantly shifting maze which inexplicably got itself sealed off from the outside world, the twelve contestants got trapped inside with two weeks worth of food, while a man said to resemble a Hippo had been witnessed walking around on the roof of the construction. That's kind of the absurdest tone the site has going for it, reminded me a bit of the type of reports from The Day Today.

As well as news reports there are also surreal classifieds; 'you were the grey one sitting on a wheelchair made of guts by the front of the bus' (for example), advice columns, as well as a 'Kidz Zone' with articles written as if from children. There is also a section that links together related news reports into a story ark. If you have a spare couple of hours and like the style then this place will be interesting for a time, the writing from what I saw seemed decent enough. Check it out at The Tandem Region Times.

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