Wednesday, 23 March 2016

None But Myself (2015) - Short Horror Film and News

Earlier this month I received an email from Leon Oldstrong about his upcoming zombie film that he has wrote and is due to direct. In preparation for this feature length film he has released an eleven minute short titled None But Myself that he also wrote and directed. I'm not actually sure if that is to be the name of the feature length film also.

For much of the running time there is nothing horror related at all, I did get slightly confused so apologies if I analysed what was happening incorrectly. It seems that Dillon has fallen into deep depression after the failure of her marriage with Marcus and maybe also due to bullying by some local girls. She still lives with the man but finally decides to leave only to discover a terrible calamity has fallen upon Britain.

The short is to prepare the way for the film so I guess it is setting up the events of Dillon coming to be alone in a zombie filled world. There is also to be a spin off web series released in five parts, interestingly both this short and the web series had a combined budget of just £1000. I decided against reviewing None But Myself as it is a set up for a larger project, but the exploration of mental health issues could be interesting if applied to a post zombie apocalypse world, and despite being the main character Dillon doesn't actually have any speaking lines here. The main feature (again not sure if it is to share the same title) is currently in pre-production. Check out the short below and see what you think.,,

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