Monday, 8 February 2016

Fright Meter Awards 2015 - The Winners

Finally at last comes the very last post I will do about the Fright Meter Awards 2015 nominations. At the end of January the overall winners for each of the 13 categories were decided, for each of the winners I will include whether they were one I personally voted for or not just to try and make this a bit more interesting.

Best Horror Movie: It Follows 

I voted for this to win so was cool it did, It Follows really is such an original film.

Best Director: David Robert Mitchell (It Follows)

I actually voted for Ted Geoghegan (We Are Still Here) but don't mind at all David winning that one.

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Mark Duplass (Creep)

I voted for him to win and am very happy he did, he is superb in Creep, well deserved.

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Nadia Hilker (Spring)

Another one I voted for, both the lead actors in Spring were pretty great.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Leigh Whannell (Cooties)

Again the one I chose, his character is so weird but has all the best lines.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Deanna Dunagan (The Visit)

And again another one. There really was no other choice for this category as Dunagan was stunning and made a very average film more bearable to watch.

Best Screenplay: The Final Girls

I voted for What We Do In The Shadows, it's a shame it didn't win as personally I think The Final Girls is over rated and wastes a lot of the potential it had with the central plot.

Best Make Up: Bone Tomahawk

I voted for Crimson Peak, I don't feel Bone Tomahawk's make up was anything special but I guess I don't mind it winning.

Best Special Effects: Crimson Peak

Stung was my choice, I just did not think the special effects of the ghosts in Crimson Peak were even remotely good and so I couldn't in good faith give that a vote.

Best Score: It Follows

Glad this won, it was a great year for film soundtracks but this one fitted the tone of It Follows perfectly.

Best Editing: Unfriended

Once again one of mine, Unfriended could have been terrible but it works thanks in no small part to genius editing.

Best Cinematography: It Follows

I voted for Crimson Peak but do not mind at all that It Follows picked up yet another win.

Best Short Horror Film: Chomp

The Package was my choice, frankly I think Chomp was god awful, no idea why people seemed to like it so much, it's dull as dishwater and nowhere near as funny as it thinks it is.

So out of the 13 categories 7 of the ones I wanted to win did win, a landslide victory for It Follows. I can now finally shut up about the Fight Meter Awards until next December!

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