Thursday, 25 February 2016

Build Your Own Zombie - Playdough Zombie Set

For Christmas my work place (my day job, not here) got me a Build Your Own Zombie playdough toy. Initially I was disappointed it was not an actual zombie I would be able to build but I'm sure you can agree my crafting skills are amazing and fantastic. I took pictures in a dark room for the atmosphere naturally.

The box contains two pots of dough, one of bright green, the other containing white, black, and red. There is a key on the side of the box saying how to mix the dough to get various colours, while the actual picture to copy is also on the box. Now I struggled to mix the colours myself, luckily my best friend was with me and she was able to successfully mix the dough, no idea how as I looked away for the brief moment it took her to mix.

Assembling the zombie was pretty fun and easy to do, I made more of a flat gingerbread zombie than a thick one that could stand on his own two feet, I was left over with spare dough which I used to fashion another zombie head, and a large dark green cube (for some reason). Maybe my one complaint other than the ethereal instructions is that the dough is very sticky and so different parts kept getting stuck to each other. Aside from the Flat Stanley parallels I don't think I did too bad a job (in the grand scheme of things, kinda!) and made for a nice and easy blog post.

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