Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Night Kaleidoscope - Horror Film News and Trailer

Night Kaleidoscope is award winning director Grant McPhee's third feature film and the first to be in the horror genre. The Scottish film was shot in just one week and mostly at night at that, which is fitting seeing as this is a film about vampires. The press release states 'Night Kaleidoscope transforms Edinburgh's cobbled backstreets into a dark dreamscape brimming with supernatural menace, where reality fuses with the surreal in a psychedelic haze.'

Written by Chris Purnell and Megan P.Gretchen Night Kaleidoscope is a story about a jaded psychic investigator named Fion (Patrick O'Brien) who is called upon by the police to help solve a series of brutal murders. He soon discovers that a vampiric couple are the ones responsible and with the help of a girlfriend of one of the victims he sets out to stop them...

Filmed on a micro budget and using punk sensibilities this indie film is said to be 'a truly original and unusually beautiful horror film'. The trailer (included below) is well edited together, reminded me more of a music video than a trailer but it didn't repel me. If the movie itself has this same strong use of editing and cinematography then Night Kaleidoscope could be one to look out for.

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