Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Quick General Update

Hey, just a brief update to mention my updates for my pages and channels on various social media and stuff. My blog is the main place I'm based, the other pages are mere satellites and so tend to get left alone to (literally) rot a lot. I have had a look at improving them and so that has nearly been done.

The Rotting Zombie Facebook page (here) now has a new banner, in general the page is just used to post links to new blog posts but occasionally any news I get that is too small to include in a post is put there. The Rotting Zombie Twitter (here) is not doing too badly, again I mainly post links to new blog posts, but also include thoughts on anything horror related I have seen lately. The Rotting Zombie YouTube channel (here) is very basic at the moment, I have changed the banner today but as you can see it is far from perfect, though amazingly it took me two and half hours to even get it looking like that! Mainly I just upload any PS4 footage I feel appropriate though by years end I hope to put up an actual video (mainly as it was my new years resolution for 2015 to put up one). Finally I have now put up a link to my Instagram page (here).

So yeah, check those out and subscribe if you so wish and as it is nearly time for Krampus to come calling I will say Happy Christmas and hope it is terrifying for you all.

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