Sunday, 14 June 2015

The New Neighbors (2015) - Short Zombie Film

Here at The Rotting Zombie HQ I often times review short horror films, yet with The New Neighbors clocking in at just under three minutes I decided it wouldn't get a proper review.

Unable to deal with the constant noise of New York Joe moves out to the country and buys a remote house, yet after discovering who his new neighbour is he starts to have second thoughts about the location change.

I quite enjoyed this short, the majority of the comedy piece is narrated by the lead character who has a soothing voice to listen to, locations look nice and there is nothing wrong with the actors. The zombie make up was passable, while the plot was simple but fun. This was written, directed and edited by Ryan Blackwell who also stars as Joe and the zombie. It has been entered in a contest; My Rode Reel 2015 so check it out below and if you like what you see then head on to the contest page (here) and give Blackwell your vote.

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