Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Something's Gotta Give (2015) by All Time Low - Zombie Music Video

I first saw the video for All Time Low's Something's Gotta Give a few months back, but with such a forgettable band name I just could not remember who did it and so a lazy blog post was avoided. Thankfully I saw it again and this time made a note. The song itself is not horror based but the video certainly is.

In the video the bands singer is dressed up as a tub of French fries, he is walking around when a woman sees him and runs away screaming, he then encounters his band mates but each time he goes to hug them they recoil in horror. Eventually he catches his reflection in a window and realises that he is actually a rotting zombie. Embracing his new found ghoul-hood he proceeds to eat his band mates and then a random cat before the screaming woman from earlier shoots him dead.

I'm ashamed to say the song is really quite catchy, but regardless of the song the video is actually pretty awesome with some fun practical FX when he bites chunks out of his fellow band members. Sure it looks pretty fake but then this is a pop video; just how gory do you think it would get? Intercut with the zombie video is footage of the band performing on a street, later on after the singer has become zombified the footage of them playing has changed to a rainy setting and with everyone now zombies. Check out the video below...

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