Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Munecos (2015) - Short Horror Film Review

Munecos is a short horror from Chile, at first I thought against reviewing this as it is in Spanish and there are no English subtitles, but apart from a brief phone call there is no dialogue so I feel I got the gist of it. Munecos translates as doll/dolls I believe from my quick Google search.

A detective is working from home investigating a series of strange serial killings in his town when he gets a knock at the door. There is no one outside but he discovers a creepy little black figurine which he brings back inside his apartment, it isn't long before the detective falls asleep and starts to have the worst nightmare of his life...

Munecos is eleven minutes long and is all centred on the one character as he works at home, despite the language barrier I do feel I got everything that went on here though it is strange that the man should bring in the doll statue he finds on his doorstep. The score does the job well enough, it invokes mystery and horror but in general the film itself isn't scary. The whole dream sequence reminded me a lot of a budget Silent Hill world; set at a circus it seems and has lots of set dressing of bodies under plastic sheets. I liked the fact that while at first seeming like it would be a thriller it instead turned slightly supernatural.

This was an interesting film and I appreciated the resolution though ending on a needless jump scare felt a bit cheap (still effective though), also the fact there were no end credits seemed a bit strange, and it would have been nice to know what was said in the phone conversation that occurs at some point. Still the actor does a good enough job and the film is not shot badly. Check it out below...


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