Thursday, 5 March 2015

Lab Rats - Horror Film News (also 6 Shooter Short Horror Film)

David 'dwyz' Wyman (who worked on British zombie flick Zombiehood and short horror The Chateau) has a new short film in the works that he is going to be directing, Lab Rats; a film that is to feature "...revolting mutations, oozing, melting faces and bodies literally exploding".

Eco-warrior Kat and her friends get a tip off that bio-chemistry company Ring-Amnion are secretly conducting experiments on animals despite publicly denying this. Kat decides to break into a lab owned by the company to see if the claims they received are true. Judging by the quote in my previous paragraph I am assuming that it is true and that horrific experiments are being performed.

Producer Lauren Parker states that they hope to use mainly practical effects with VFX used to make the practical effects look even better. They are using the same SFX and VFX crew that worked on 6 Shooter; a short horror with a budget of just £70 that I had the pleasure of watching earlier about worms attacking a bunch of young adults after a drinking game goes bad. In fact check out 6 Shooter below...

Now there is a Kickstarter campaign currently going for Lab Rats, they need to raise £4,000 and currently have £1,349 with 14 days left to go. If you fancy donating to what sounds like a fun film then head over to the Kickstarter page here. And if your still not sure then check out the SFX video below where you get to see an ear dissolve in awesome fashion...

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