Monday, 19 January 2015

Motivational Growth (2013) - Horror Film News

Motivational Growth is a horror comedy that has won a few awards including best narrative feature, best comedy film, and best feature. It is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray on February 17th.

Ian Folivor is a depressed loner in his 30's who discovers a sentient growth living in his bathroom. This growth referred to as 'The Mold' offers to help Ian fix his life and seems to be doing a successful job. However signs start to appear that indicate The Mold may not be as benign as it claims to be...

The general set up for this film sounds similar to one of the tales I saw in a horror anthology many years ago about a creature found living in a loner guys fridge. It looks like it will be full of grossness and craziness but is certainly something that sounds interesting. Check out the trailer below.


Shit Movie Fest said...

I love movies like these! Speaking of "Mold!" did you catch that movie from 2012 yet?

Daniel Simmonds said...

Yes, Mold! I know what one you mean, I might actually make it my mission to watch that one for review this week :)