Sunday, 23 November 2014

Scream Park (2014) - Horror Film News

It is admin Sunday at the Rotting Zombie HQ and I have just stumbled across an interesting trailer in my inbox for Scream Park that I managed to miss. Scream Park is a horror in the tradition of 80's slashers and features horror icon Doug Bradley (Hellraiser of course) and Ogre from the band Skinny Puppy (Repo! The Genetic Opera).

Bradley stars as Hyde; owner of Fright Land which is a failing amusement park that is facing closure. Desperate to get more visitors to save his business he takes the drastic step of hiring two maniacs to slaughter his staff. Hyde believes the ensuring media coverage will cause punters to flock to the park to see the scene of a mass killing. However he may just have unleashed something he has no control over...

Scream Park obviously has a silly plot but it sounds like a fun film, the trailer certainly reminded me of 80's slashers, check it out below. The film was released on DVD back in April by Wild Eye Releasing.

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