Thursday, 23 October 2014

Zombie by Jaime T - Zombie Music Video

When a song called Zombie came out I couldn't help but be interested to hear what it sounds like. As it is I cannot stand the song at all and have taken to muting the radio at work when it appears (which it does about twenty times a day it seems). The only good thing to come out of this song is that I hoped against hope the video would feature zombies and thankfully it did.

In the video Jaime T and his band are playing a gig at an empty pub and slowly throughout the video change into undead ghouls. At one point after losing a drum stick the drummer pulls the arm off the bassist and uses that instead while it all ends with a decapitation. Glad the video had zombies as made for a nice easy blog post, it is just a shame the song is irritating to the extreme (though it does talk about zombies in the lyrics). Anyway check out the song below...

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