Friday, 17 October 2014

Horror Energy Drinks

I love energy drinks but unfortunately I am quite sensitive to caffeine and so drinking them leads me to crash, more likely to fall asleep then feel full of beans. A few years back I got some horror themed ones as gifts.

The first one titled 'Zombie Blood' as you can see above is green and of course zombie themed while the second one 'Blood' looks like blood and seems more vampire themed. What I like about them both is that they claim to have similar nutrients to real blood, while the red one has instructions on the back for how to heat it up to the same temperature as real blood.

One day I hope to get some tubing so I can hang them from something like plasma bags you get in hospitals, until that day they reside on my book shelf in my bedroom to drink for when zombie apocalypse happens and I need a quick four hour boost to go on a scavenging mission.

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