Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

It is Halloween and every horror fans fondest horror-day. With this post I have completed my aim in Shocktober to do one blog post for every day of the month. I am happy I succeeded and may well bring it back for next October, but some days my blog posts were poorly written due to tiredness so is not something I will continue doing.

My inbox has steadily been filling up this past week so I certainly have plenty to be getting on with, and there are three horrors coming out today at my local cinema (Mr Babadook, Ouija, and Horns) so will try and check them out for review in the coming week. I have been struggling a lot with e-books this year, I have upwards of thirty awaiting review but I just cannot get my e-book reader to display them properly to read so may have to just draw a line and state I cannot review e-books.

There has been more news for the UK Festival of Zombie Culture 2014 that is taking place in just over two weeks time on the 15th November. Awesome zombie author David Moody is once again going to be there, and two new films have been announced to be shown there; Australian film 'Theatre of the Dead' in which a group of survivors of a zombie invasion barricade themselves in an old theatre, an 'Juan of the Dead' which is quite a few years old now and one I actually own on DVD (though yet to watch).

Anyway so Happy Halloween to all you ghoulsters out there, I am filled with joy on this grand day! I went Tesco earlier to get a severed foot and some chicken and saw that already over half the Halloween display has been replaced with Christmas stuff already, gone are the days when all their cool things went on sale after the 31st, now they don't even bother to wait to the end of the day before chucking it all away. Ho Ho Ho indeed!

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