Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Venus de Vilo - Horror Themed Music news

When it comes to music I have to admit that I know next to near nothing, my taste is varied having never really settled on a genre to call my home and so I never feel comfortable when I am given music to listen to or review. Music in particular cannot be bound by words on a page to describe, hearing is the only way to know for yourself if something is up your proverbial street.

Venus de Vilo makes horror themed music, she describes herself as "A Dublin based horror-shock musician with metal-punk leanings". Her first EP 'Edgar Allan Ho' was released in 2012 with a second EP 'Till Death Do Us Party' released 2013. Venus is currently working on her first full length album 'Handle With Scare!' (13 tracks of course) to be released this year...or maybe it is already out, not sure on that one!

Below is her track 'Crazy For You' the video of which is set out like a 1920's silent film complete with grainy look and description cards. In the video Venus plays a crazed fan of 20's movie star Vlad Valentine who corners him one evening and butchers him. Not a bad song, kinda catchy, and the video does not take itself seriously, check it out for yourself...

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