Monday, 12 May 2014

Mid Ohio Valley White Zombie 2014 Premiere - Zombie Film News

I don't usually bother with localised news events as it only really speaks to a small number of people and being brutally honest I don't get hundreds of thousands of visitors to this dusty old blog! Still there is actually a short video to go with this news so I thought why not?

I spoke before about the 2014 remake of White Zombie by RagNBone Productions, I wont give a link to that as you may discover me repeating myself (it's been a long day). I was not keen on the original White Zombie, but then that was made back in 1932 when films were tamer. Anyway White Zombie 2014 may well be more scary, though can't see it featuring undead of the flesh eating variety.

The premiere of this film is to be at the Twin City Opera House in McConnelsville, Ohio on 12th July. If you live in the area then I highly recommend you check it out, I myself am not going what with living 3,779 miles away. The cast and crew shall be in attendance, all these details are in the trailer below anyway. Anyway I'm off to bed!

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