Friday, 14 February 2014

Belzebass - Welcome to Hell (2014) - Horror Themed Music Video

I just watched the video for Welcome to Hell by Belzebass and it was pretty awesome. Belzebass are an Italian two piece group and have recently released an E.P fittingly called Welcome to Hell, which features this song as well as two others.

The video is a mini film and features some people who awaken to find themselves in orange jumpsuits out in some woods. It soon becomes apparent they are being hunted, as they flee and start to be picked off one by one the tables start to turn leading up to a cool twist that I really did not see coming.

It helps that the song itself fits the video so well, even down to the only words in the piece being spoken in time by characters in the video. Anyway check it out below if you so wish. It has gore, thrills, twists and more in it's 4 minute run time.

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