Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Rise of Valhalla - Zombie Horror Film News

Back in May last year I spoke of The Rise of Valhalla and included their first teaser trailer. Now I am pleased to bring you the second teaser trailer. The German made film takes place during World War II and involves the Nazi's summoning a legion of zombie Vikings who soon start to rampage out of control.

This new trailer features Nazi's fighting the zombie Vikings and seems like it has a comedic edge to it. For an independent film it seems to have some good special effects even if some of them are CGI (the muzzle flash is actually CGI due to firecap weapons being illegal in Germany I have been told by the films Director). The trailer ends nicely with the reveal that there are to be zombie Nazi soldiers also, never a bad thing to show up in horrors. Anyway check out the trailer at Vimeo.

The Rise of Valhalla by Daniel Konze is 70 minutes long and due out Summer 2015. I look forward to seeing it.

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