Monday, 16 December 2013

Monster Zombie Claymation (2013) - Short Zombie Claymation

Ever since the underrated Skull Monkeys videogame I have loved claymation (and of course the original Evil Dead claymation sequence). Monster Zombie Claymation then was something I immediately had to watch.

Inspired by grind house flicks and the old video nasties of the 1980's Monster Zombie Claymation doesn't have much plot to speak of. Someone channel surfing goes through a lot of different horror films before settling on a zombie flick. In the film a lone survivor does his best to survive a zombie outbreak via his trusty shotgun, retreating to his tool shed to stock up on weapons before a trip back to his family home where he finds the arrival of demons.

I loved this, it is amazingly well done, the camera shots are fantastic, The buildings are made up of lollipop sticks, the zombies and monsters grotesque with lots of blood pumping out of their wounds and losing flesh and body parts, and the music is really screwed up giving such an atmosphere. It feels like a bad acid trip, a plasticine nightmare, a claymation catastrophe. The creator; Trent Shy is very good at what he does. Check it out below and see what you think...

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Britnie said...

That was pretty badass!