Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mr Kipling Fiendish Fancies - Halloween Horror Food Review

Every year around Halloween food manufacturers either morph their products into a Halloween theme or bring out something just for the season. I really do love shops around this time of year, I always think how amazing and awesome it would be if all year round there were huge cobwebs and spooky designs in shop windows. Anyway, I got to try a fiendish fancy cake the other day. The packaging promises that they are exceedingly creepy...

As far as I could tell they are just normal cakes. They have a cool orange and black outer sugary shell, inside is just cake. I was expecting hidden razor blades, cockroaches, hell even a severed finger, but no, just a very sweet cake. Nothing creepy about this! Just who are they testing this with to come up with the false information that these are in any way creepy!

I don't know if this was just coincidence but my dear friend who purchased these and who I assume consumed the majority of these went missing one day later. She was eventually found in an abandoned mental asylum speaking in tongues, coated with some strange ectoplasmic goo, strange runic symbols carved into her very flesh, no memory of what had happened to her, or what had become of the cakes. Maybe the curse of the fiendish fancies caused this, though thinking about it the exact same thing happened to her back in April so probably not...

Anyway. Darn nice, bad for you cakes but in no way affiliated with the dark arts, nice packaging design does not change this fact.


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