Saturday, 31 August 2013

Zombie Wall Decoration - Review

Around this time last year I got sent some zombie make-up to review from Joker's Masquerade; a cool fancy dress website. The make-up...went wrong and transformed me into something strange (here). After destroying the make-up kit with the help of a wandering Catholic Priest I buried the remains in my back garden where it lay until last night when the alignment of Saturn, Pluto and Mars according to ancient rites resurrected the unholy make-up in a new hideous form.

I awoke to find an animate zombie wall decoration in my bed, pretty scary stuff to wake up holding that, I retreated downstairs but the wall hanging followed, getting into my front room I tried to shut it out but alas too late! Charging into my garage I was still pursued. Fully intending to die I somehow slipped around the beast and locked it in, all it could do was watch in impotent rage as I reclaimed my house and barricaded up the doors and windows.

I was expecting the zombie wall hanging would be a cut out, maybe a cardboard one but instead it is printed on a clear plastic sheet. The zombie is 6 foot tall but weirdly it has no feet, a strange omission I felt as it just looks strange to end at the ankles. Also though the height is good the width is too wide for my liking, it wont fit on the back of a traditional door for instance, again I thought this was a strange design choice.

The actual design is a bit cartoony but I reckon it looks quite cool, love the details such as intestines hanging out, and the bone showing through the fingers, it is also good quality printing as well, no complaints there. Advantages to having plastic sheeting is that should any blood or gore be spilt it can be easily cleaned up, maybe the perfect plastic sheeting for the serial killer who wants to instill a Halloween vibe? Not that I'm recommending that.

The Zombie Wall Decoration can be purchased for £4.99 here, if your going all out for Halloween this year then this would be the perfect accompaniment if you have the space. Talking of Halloween decorations...why there also a load of those on the Joker's Masquerade website! In all seriousness I love Halloween decorations, the tackier the better I say, they are something that can just be left up all year long to give a cool, spooky vibe to any house.


On a last note there is a fun little flash game you can play on the website called Attack of the Funky Disco Zombies, you suck up ghosts in a vacuum cleaner, shotgun zombies apart and have a weird dance off with a zombie, not bad.


Anonymous said...

The last picture looks cool

Daniel Simmonds said...

I thought that was the best one