Thursday, 29 August 2013

Annunaki's Errands (2013) - Zombie Horror Videogame Review (X-Box Indie)

Once again the siren call of the X-Box Indie channel demos call me back to dip into another horror. Annnaki's Errands is a first person shooter, don't get your hopes up though; it is not a remotely good one!

The game starts off with a text box story which automatically scrolled too fast for me to be able to read and I consider myself a fast reader. Fear not for I looked in the options screen and read the tale of delight. Basically you are a sailor whose boat got trashed and you washed up on an island run by a fifty foot Goddess. She hates men for some reason so has killed all of them on the island and turned the woman into zombies for her army. She gives you an errand to do for her, in the demo this was collecting diamonds in a series of tunnels.

The real reason there is only females in this game is to try and get boys to buy it I'm sure. The cover art is terrible and I very nearly stopped there and then. Zombies are all the same identical bikini clad zombie female re skinned to be different colours. They look like they were designed by a child on MS Paint, very bad looking things indeed. The zombies either materialise from behind you, or hang down from the ceilings, making a variety of moans when shot at. Your gun makes the zombies spurt blood that looks like hand prints.

The levels are maze like and you have a health bar and ammo count, it is very basic and not at all interesting, the best thing about it is the soundtrack but that is just a nondescript groaning tune. One to avoid really, run from Annunaki and her stupid errands, run my lad!


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