Saturday, 20 July 2013

Self Storage (2012) - Short Horror Film Review

Self Storage is a short film made by Get Coned Productions, directed by Chris Durand. For just over 7 minutes it manages to have a start, middle, and an end that is impressive in the short time frame.

Vincent (played by Mitchell Herrin) is a successful local puppeteer whose act everyone loves. Interviewed by TV show host David Browning he is asked if he intends to create any new material or puppets for his act to stop it getting stale. This troubles Vincent who hadn't thought his act could get boring, his stress about this in turn affecting his performances and leading him to fall out of favour. Vincent has a plan however to win back his fans.

Being a puppeteer it is odd you never get to see the puppets, or any of Vincent's performance, instead the camera is focused on him with an attempt to create the illusion of a watching crowd. This of course would have been done due to the low budget of this indie film so that is perfectly fine. About two thirds of the way into the film it does seem to loose its pacing a bit, it seems to jump forward in time with a bizarre mini montage. The last third is not as fresh as the rest even if it is the only horror themed part of Self Storage.

Chris Hough as Mr Browning is well acted, and I really liked the interesting dialogue Rue Morgue the Poetry Girl had, something quite surreal about her words that appealed. Herrin looks the part of Vincent as a strange loner, being a puppeteer he would not need to look presentable and again the acting is solid. Some strange direction meant it was a little bit confusing in places, intentional or not I don't know. There isn't actually any violence or gore in Self Storage, some alluded to which was slightly disappointing that there was no pay off.

Not a bad film, certainly a lot in there for the 7 minutes running time, is just a shame that the low budget prevented the films scenes being a little bit more fleshed out and I felt that more on the puppet side of things would have been cool. Anyway check out the film below to see what you think, is quite captivating. Get Coned Productions are currently working on their next short horror titled 'Secret Family Recipe'.


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EdwardThirlwall said...

I'm truly not a big fan of horror stories but with a title like Self Storage, it makes you wonder what kind of grotesque things are going to happen. Without giving too much away, I'd like to thank you for posting this up! You're right about it being rather captivating despite it being short and make a lovely full length film!